1 on 1 coaching that will help keep you honest with yourself.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to unbundle the conversation in your head.

With deep questioning and exploration of your reality, we can create a narrative that sets aside “noise” and sets you up for success. We will walk you through the process of learning the lifetime skill of self-reflection and help you build a growth mind set.


1 on 1 coaching  and mentoring for your emerging leaders.

theGC offers 1 on 1 coaching  and mentoring for your emerging leaders. With Cheryl’s combined academic and industry knowledge she is able to offer not only insight into better business models and innovative solutions to old problems, but also an objective lens to witness and develop your leadership style and impact.


Explore bias, diversity and inclusion for better business outcomes.

We offer creative workshops to explore bias and align diversity and inclusion in your organisation with better business outcomes.

Strategy in Action.

Creating strategy is always better with more minds at work.

We offer full strategic exploration workshops in a 1 on 1 setting if you are a sole trade, or in group facilitation for bigger companies. Find out how to establish a habit of progress in your business by engaging in with a simple model.

Sales Target Plans

Do you need help building a target sales plan for your business? Let us help your team learn while they get things done.

Transitional Sales Leadership

Do you need a Transitional Sales Leader in your business to ensure mentoring and coaching continuity while you recruit? “theGC” can offer you this service as well.