Team Building Workshops


Creative workshops with theGC use art as tool for the observation and understanding of others.

Through these workshops you will find a heightened sense of awareness of both self and others. With the aid of knowing art as a framework, you will connect your developing self awareness to informed Emotional Intelligence (EQ) . Through this reciprocal relationship, you will find a new level to your EQ quotient so that you might lead with empathy and build more inclusive workplaces.

These workshops are been designed to cater for teams or individuals. A level of experience in and with art is not prerequisite at any of these workshops as they include discussions informative art discussions such as:

  • How to look at art
  • How meaningful art is constructed.
  • How curators have intended you to see it.

This workshop does have flexible components and the concept of art as a place for developing and cementing leadership skills in the workplace is one that easily blankets subject matter like

  • Dealing with change and grief in the workplace
  • Developing emotional expression in leadership
  • Building optimism
  • Building creative habits to lead teams with Innovative thinking

Artful Leadership

In these workshops we use art and art forms to identify and capture both the expressed and the unexpressed emotion in our organisations, our offices, and our teams. You will learn and use language that is artful and expressive to articulate for others how you are observing stories in your organisations in order to observe your bias and build more inclusive spaces.

Objective and topics covered

  • How to see while looking: A path to overcoming bias with learned empathy.
  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence is and how is connected to heightened awareness
  • Know how Empathy and organisational success are critically connected
  • This workshop will include a few activities that include
  • Group discussions
  • Drawing exercises
  • Engaging with media production of different art forms such as Music and dance to explore emotional awareness, emotional intelligence and self-awareness.
  • Create a memory with momentum. This workshop will culminate in a single piece of art by the collective.

Team Building

Bring your team learnings to a contemplative space and create memories with momentum. In these workshops we work with teams to build Art that can be used to cement learnings and provide not only places to engage in conversations, but to create lasting momentum to these learnings.

Your art can be created to sit alongside and within your corporate identity.

Creating space for positive connections and innovative thinking

Are you looking for a way to reignite you team, to stimulate positive engagement with both their own thoughts and with other team members

In this workshop, through engaging with the production of art forms, participants can start to imagine alternative realities and “write new stories” with more positive outcomes and learn new things about how they are relating to the narrative in their own heads. In doing this they can become agents for a more personal and collective transformation.

Artful Leadership Workshop PDF

This Video is a summary of a workshop held in Auckland where participants explored the construct and meaning of art. Through a process of identifying what they see, what they think about what they see and what they wondered about it we examined leadership concepts of bias, emotional intelligence and empathy.

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