Growth Videos Worth Watching

I was reading another great book called “Your Body is your Brain” this last week and realized that we can create small wins in big ways in empowering those that feel less powerful. There is real Neuroscience behind the connection of your body to your brain and how the way you present and hold yourself impacts on both your perceived and real feelings of power. Amy Cuddy’s TED talk offers a 14 min summary. Put your hands on your hips and stand tall!
Get Comfortable with Discomfort and say the right thing. Just ask, Is it the truth? Can I defend it? Did I say it with love? I love this! Let the untruths fall like dominoes!
Adam Grant backs up the saying “it is better to give than it is to receive so well in this short video. His book “Givers and Takers” is worth the read and sits in my favorite list.
“Originals” by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg has hit my list of favorite books to read. It follows on closely to the book by Beau Lotto Deviate.
Deviate: The science of how we see it a brilliant book about perception. Beau Lotto can also be found at his awesome website

Do you ever wonder why some people are really successful? Angela Duckworths book “Grit” has hit my list of favorite books as well. If you have young people in your life, this book is a must.
Brene Brown inspired me to keep writing and creating when I was looking to take an easier path while researching and writing my Master’s thesis. Her books will help you to challenge your perspective of self and the value of exposing your underbelly to those you lead. I have a number of her books on my favorite list. She reads her own books for audible as well.
The book “How to be Antiracist” is one of the most thought-provoking books I have read/ listened to in 2020. It is available in Audible. We can all learn from this book and we can all try to do better.
Sustainable change doesn’t come from making large bold steps, but rather from tiny habits that you celebrate along the way. “Tiny Habits” by BJ Fogg is on my favorite reading list as well.
Reading “The power of Quiet” resulted in one of my biggest “aha” moments in 2018. Introverts come in all shapes and sizes. Quiet came quietly recommended to me by a friend at work, It helped me to understand how to help the ones I live with stretch to their true potential. I loved this book.
Sometimes you just stumble across inspirational ideas. Not only does Dustin have a really important message for us around our perception of self and others, his dedication to his art reminds us that creativity is a habit cultivated over time.
How we look (and see) matters. It tells the world how to see us. This Talk by Titus Kaphar is important because it points to the importance of shifting your gaze to those less seen so that they to might be represented in our world.
You cannot outlaw bias or wish it away. We can only overcome bias by facing it and owning it. Verna Myers offers an incredibly moving talk on bias. Bias is the story we make up about the people we meet. Instead of running from it, walk boldly up to your bias and confront your denial. Ask yourself how many authentic relationships do you have with people who are different than yourself? It’s not about perfection, but connection. And before it gets comfortable there will be discomfort. She tells us, even though we have come away, we are not done.